Pocky Type Candy

Men's Pocky. Dark Chocolate. Best bargain, lots of pocky for little money.
Marble Tea Pocky. One of the Best Tasting pocky's out there.
Almond Pocky. A almond flavoured chocolate with bits of almond.
Strawberry Pocky. Like the almond pocky, this is strawberry flavoured chocolate with pieces of dried strawberry.
Milk Flavoured Pocky. The japanese seem to have something for sweet milk.
Black Bitter Marble Pocky. My first non generic Chocolate Pocky ever. Was in heaven and became a pocky addict. Bitter black chocolate with small lines of white chocolate.
Hello Kitty Pocky. Strawberry flavoured, was shocked I hadn't seen it at the Sanrio stores as well.
Generic Bulk Chocolate Pocky.
Almond Crush Pocky. Almond Flavoured chocolate with large pieces of almond. 6 packs per box, 5 sticks per pack. Little expensive, but great tasting.
Chocolate Pocky. This is the "standard" pocky. Mmmmmm
Almond Crush Pocky. Instead of Almond flavoured chocolate, it's Chocolate flavoured chocolate.
Coconut Pocky. This should be "Almond Crush" labeled, because of the bits of coconut and internal packaging. Nice coconut flavour, just not much for coconut meat.
Looks to be the Plain Almond Crush Pocky. Plain flavour. I'd go more for the flavoured Almond Crushes instead.
GIANT Pocky. Just like the original, but GIANT size, costs about 8 bucks a box.
pocky! Creme Brule/Flan pocky. This smells like creme brule, tastes a bit butterscotch flavoured. Interesting flavour.
Chocolate Dip Yamyam. Take the cookie stick, dunk it in the chocolate resevoir, and then into the sprinkles for a tasty delight.
Almond Lucky, by Meiji. This is a bit like the Chocolat Almond Cruch from Glica, however, they're packaged more like a dinner or coffee pocky. They're about 2.75 inches long, and about 22 per box. Short pocky, indeed.
Vanilla Dip YamYam. Vanilla flavoured dip with cookie sticks.
Bittersweet Chocolate pocky. Almost tastes like coffee liquer pocky. Fluffy consistancy for a small package pocky.
Banana Lucky, by Meiji. Tastes like a banana smoothie. Sweet.
Toppo. This is a thin pretzel stick, hollow on the inside, with vanilla filling. This is good! The pretzel isn't salted, but adds just a small salty flavour which balances the sweet of the vanilla filling rather nicely.
Giant Strawberry
Giant Strawberry Pocky. 24% Something. 20 individually wrapped giant pocky sticks with real dried strawberry. Each stick is about 10" long, and appx 3 times the diameter of a normal pocky stick. Giant pocky is always somewhat disappointing, since it's the same thickness of coating on the giant sticks as the normal pocky.
Pikey. This is small salted sticks about two inches long, which look like they have been dipped in chocolate up an inch. Odd taste because the salt over powers the sweet, and the cookie stick has no flavour.
Coconut Pocky. Same as the one above, but note the new Hawaiian Shirt Package Styling
Purely White Decorer Pocky. Someone took a pocky stick, put it in wedding cake frosting, and then used a Milton cake decoration tool to make this. It's like eating cake frosting on a stick.
Green Tea
Green Tea Mousse Pocky. This was quite vile. Now, I don't like tea to begin with, but I always did enjoy the Royal Tea Pocky, but I think that's because there's some honey in there somewhere. This I couldn't stand, and gave it to my friend who actually drinks a lot of green tea. He assured me that the taste is indeed spot on green tea, and that he quite enjoyed it.
Pineapple Cream
Pineapple Cream. This was just like a Pina Colada, except it's non-alcoholic, had pineapple bits, and is wrapped around a crunchy cookie stick.
Almond Crush
Almond Crush Pocky. Updated packaging, same deliciousness.
Murasaki Imo Pocky. This exotic pocky is from a Purple Sweet Potato. With the purpleness, your mind thinks "Grape" but your mouth tastes "Sweet Chocolate". It's Ok.
Double Taste
Cafe Stick Double Taste. This off brand (Kabaya) consists of 4 packs of pocky-like sticks. One with a dark chocolate covering, ther other with cafe au lait. Not too bad, but I'd rather have had just the dark chocolate.
meiji mini almond chocolate lukcy
Meiji Lucky Mini Almond Chocolate: Meiji's version of almond crush, in a mini package.
Pocky Chocolate Crush
Chocolate Crush Pocky: Instead of Almonds, they use Oreo Cookie crumbs. A little dry, but it's now my wife's favourite.
Dessert Pocky Shiroi Monburan
Dessert Pocky Shiroi Monburan: Chesnut mousse flavoured dessert pocky, with cake icing wrapped around a Chesnut pocky.
Men's Pocky
Men's Pocky: Updated Men's Pocky box: This combination of crispy pretzel and smooth dark chocolate brins a whole new flavor to fun.
Brazillian Pudding Pocky
Brazillian Pudding Pocky: FLan flavoured pocky
Jack 'n Jill Chocolate Sticks
Jack 'n Jill Chocolate Sticks: An import from the Philippines, this is your basic off-brand pocky competitor. Sticks are shorter and chocolate not as good quality as the normal Pocky.
Glico Tsubutsubu Marron Pocky
Marron Pocky: Chesnut Pocky. Creamy chestnut flavouring with bits of chestnuts included. Can't see the germans warming up these sticks during christmas market time though. Side opening box compared to the normal style.
Fran Aromatier Strawberry Meiji
Strawberry Aromatier Fran: Chocolate cookie stick vanilla Fran, dipped in Strawberry choclate with dried strawberry bits. Smells very good. Just a litle pricy.
Gokuboso Chocolate Pocky
Gokuboso Pocky: Thin Pocky. Same flavour, just thinner.
Dessert Pocky Banana BiscuiT
Banana Dessert Pocky: Banana Mousse pocky, wrapped in threads of chocolate icing.
Kabaya Hard Stick Pocky
Kabaya Vanilla Hard Stick: Hard Cookie Stick with a Vanilla Milk Chocolate outside. Meh.
Glico Winter Chocolate Pocky Fuyu No Kuchidoke
Glico Winter Chocolate Pocky: Normal Milk-Chocolate Pocky with a dusting of bitter Cacao.
Morinaga White Birch Chocolate
Morinaga White Birch: A small vanilla-flavoured mini-stick, with a light crunch.
Fran Patisserie Almonds And Hazelnuts
Fran Patisserie: Almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts with a slightly bitter chocolate.
Mint Chocolate Pocky
Mint Chocolate Pocky: Minty Pocky, much like an Andes after dinner mint, but with a crunch.
Milk Chocolate Salty Pocky
Salty Pocky: It's your normal pocky, but with a bit of salt added to the chocolate. Provides a satisfyingly good chocolate, if you want your chocolate just a little less sweet.
Peanut Pocky Nutcream
Nutcream Peanut Pocky:If you like a little peanut butter with your chocolate, this Pocky is for you. Sweet salty nutcream Pocky (unfortunately named).

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