Network Musings, Feb 05, 2010

Network Musings, Feb 05, 2010

As an answer to Cisco’s rumored CRS-1 upgrade, Juniper ups the ante on their T1600 router from 100GBps per slot to 250GBps per slot in the same chassis as an in-service upgrade as well.

The design work for the next-generation silicon has already been completed, and Sardella noted that Juniper is now beginning to build out and test the technology.

Boxee CET Avner Ronen takes the advantage of having NBC and Comcast CEO’s testifying under oath in front of an congressional hearing to point out that someone might not be telling the whole story regarding Hulu blocking Boxee.

Sprint uses Fixed to Mobile Convergence vendor Tango to sell Sprint MPLS circuits to provide minute offloading for IP PBX business owners.

Mobile calls to/from the PBX will still be routed over an MPLS connection, and the financial advantage of treating them as on-net mobile calls will be maintained.

Deutche Telecom floats a trial baloon towards a T-Mobile IPO. Is this DT trying to craft an exit strategy from the US market, or maneuvering towards a different style of engagement in the US?

EPIC files Freedom of Information Act request to get more information regarding the NSA’s agreement with Google. Most people look at this as a Privacy issue, my concern is that why should the US government be spending resources to secure or help secure a company with a $167 Billion market cap? Is Google now “Too Big To Fail” and needs to be taken over by the US government?

Apple says no location-based ads on their approved apps. Reminder: This technology (Providing geographic based promotion services to a computing device) is patented and owned by AT&T. Is this why they’re going to keep AT&T as their exclusive carrier for the iPhone?

Behavioral targeting and Ad Clearing houses are the next realm of ad delivery.

Chinese VoIP company’s numbers disappoint, mainly because China banned VoIP.

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