Network Musings, Feb 03, 2010

Network Musings, Feb 03, 2010

Sun CEO Tweetku’s his resignation.

The Internet Generation prefers SMS/Tweets over blogs, a Pew study finds.. I think this has to do with none of them want to actually involve themselves with learning/running things on the Interwebs, but wants to use pre-built infrastructure.

VoIP scammer gets prison term. His mistake was living in a country that actually cares.

Packet8 launches Facebook click to call app.

Study finds people reuse the same passwords for multiple services. I’ve had a long standing observation about this practice. It has to deal with passwords and remembering them. The idiot uses the same password for everything, usually a weak strength. The newbie uses a different password for every site, but writes them all down on a piece of paper and never remembers any of them. The paranoid person uses a high strength password for each site, uses a different login for each one, uses a password memory service to store them all. While the veteran uses a few well thought out passwords, classifies those into usage categories, so that the crap password for a throw away site is always the same password, the login password to Windows / Playstation / Xbox is another, and only uses unique ones for banks. All this is alluded to at the end of the article:

The company’s practical advice for users who don’t wish to use a dedicated password application or password management website was to create three separate logins, one for financial sites, a second for any site holding sensitive data, and a third for sites not holding anything of value.

iiNet wins Safe Harbor ruling in Australia. Another article questions should Copyright holders pay for ISPs to deliver notices to end users? Since the FCC allows telecoms to charge for CALEA compliance, this is a solid precedent to site; Yes, the copyright holders should pay for DMCA-to-enduser delivery.

Cisco adds Unified Communications iPhone app to do VoIP over 3G. This totally makes sense, as you can minute shift from corporate PBX calls over VoIP data instead of Voice Minutes. Someone was suggesting Cisco buy Truphone to do this for them, but I think the minute Cisco did any investigation, they’d realize how bad Truphone is and end up buying someone like Packet8 or Fring. Both of those have a business end-user focus, and can tie in telepresence as well.

Xconnect proves ENUM and caller id can be a profitable business.

Canadian Cable ISP Novus offers 200 mbps to its customers. Prices still not in line with this amount of bandwidth outside of North America.

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